Show Reel 2016

Here’s a selection of my work so far. In focus is my contribution to Kung Fury, followed by my work on Crazy Pictures Vaskduellen, Arthur & Merlin and El Scorpio Games introduction video. 


In this project we were to implement and combine several visual effects techniques, ranging from matchmoving, 3D-rendering, dynamic simulations, compositing, set extensions and post-production treatment. Maya, PF-Track and Nuke was used.

This is my result.

Specialization Project – Garth the Gargoyle

Here’s my specialization project for gscept GradShow 2012. I’m responsible for everything in the project, where I wanted to learn more of the process in implementing a CG-character in live footage.
I created the rig manually for the gargoyle and it’s got a limited muscle system for proper deformation and jiggle effect.
I used mainly Maya, Zbrush and Nuke.
Big thanks goes to Mattias Bergbom for VFX-consulting and Erik Öhman for awesome acting and camera assistance.