The Lunarena

Gscept offers education in visual effects, game design, prop and set design. One of its courses is a hands on experience in game creation, where CG-artists and developers team up for 6 weeks in order to create a fully functional game to compete with in the Swedish Game Awards.

This is our result: Lunarena. An arena based third person shooter in the Edwardian era, taking place inside the moon. The game art was inspired by Georges Mèliés A Trip To The Moon, with a bit of steam punk twist added to it.


We consisted of a team of 26 cg-artists and developers, using SCRUM as a method of development. My contribution was both as a concept artist for the player characters, 3D-modeler (creating A LOT of rocks and retopologizing hi-poly game assets), texture artists (both organic and metal) and animator (alienesque plants and player characters). I also did the music for the trailer.
We used Nebula3 as game engine, where developers had the opportunity to create proprietary tools and custom physics.

Even though we were not nominated in the end, it was a great learning experience, coordinating a big team, learning to focus on what is important at each stage in a production, and learning the hard way what happens when you get too over-ambitious (ie. not getting nominated).

The game is no longer available for download, but the trailer is still available on youtube. It was made by a small team of CG-artist (including me), using the game assets.