Surprise! – Shortfilm assignment

A school project made by me and Andreas Rånman, where the assignment was to visualize the word Surprise in an animation. Did we succeed? 🙂

Showreel 2013

Here’s the fruit of my labour from Luleå University of Technology and the following year after. Included are my latest models for the upcoming Dead Man Zand game, 3D-animated Non-Stops for Linnea Produktion and also my old work, such as Garth the Gargoyle, Ellen Page, VFX and compositing-excercises and clips from the shortfilm Surprise and Childroom.

Specialization Project – Garth the Gargoyle

Here’s my specialization project for gscept GradShow 2012. I’m responsible for everything in the project, where I wanted to learn more of the process in implementing a CG-character in live footage.
I created the rig manually for the gargoyle and it’s got a limited muscle system for proper deformation and jiggle effect.
I used mainly Maya, Zbrush and Nuke.
Big thanks goes to Mattias Bergbom for VFX-consulting and Erik Öhman for awesome acting and camera assistance.